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Host1Plus’s Origins Come from Online Gaming

Interview with Vincentas Grinius, CEO of Host1Plus

Host1Plus has built a reputation of being one of the most affordable and flexible hosting providers, offering a broad selection of web, reseller and VPS hosting locations worldwide. We sat down with Vincentas Grinius, the CEO and co-founder of Host1Plus to find out what keeps this company going and to discuss future plans.

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Halon.io Provides a Scriptable SMTP Software Solution for Hosting Providers

Interview with Jonas Falck, CEO of Halon.io

Few people know email and email security as well as Jonas Falck - or that's my impression anyway. He started a business in firewalls that evolved into a full fledged SMTP software solution that meets high demand customers, and they're doing a great job in the marketplace. It was a pleasure sitting down with Jonas and learning more about the offerings by Halon.io, and I can sense his enthusiasm in really serving the needs of all of us out there who are using Halon's services behind the scenes.

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The nearly 30-year old 1&1 brand offers services globally

Interview with Robert Hoffmann, CEO of 1&1

It's not often that we get the pleasure of speaking with the highest ranks at web hosting companies, but when we have the opportunity, we're truly grateful--these busy folks take time out of their day to truly show us the inner workings of their business. It's awesome to get the detailed insights, and this interview with Robert Hoffmann of 1&1 is definitely no exception. Learning about his rise to leadership has been very insightful, and there's a lot we can take away from it at HostAdvice.

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Passion is the name of the game at Canadian Web Hosting

Interview with Matt McKinney, Chief Strategy Officer at Canadian Web Hosting

I haven't had an interview like this in a long time--or possibly ever--where I felt so much passion as I did when I talked with Matt McKinney at Canadian Web Hosting. I'd argue he's a newcomer to the space, with less than 8 years under his belt, but you'd think he had decades of exposure to the hosting industry.

It was an incredible honor to speak with Matt about his experiences, coming from communications and now working in strategy. His passion is infectious, and I hope you can see that in these answers.

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From High School to InterServer, Mike Lavrik Runs a Smooth Ship

Interview with Mike Lavrik, CEO of Interserver

Mike Lavrik created a business right out of high school -- and that business today is still his core focus. Interserver, based in Seacaucus, NJ, provides hosting services (and a lot more -- keep on reading!) to the masses. He recently told us all about his experiences in the hosting world and his company's offerings.

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