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VPS 60 TL - 490 TL

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Guy Mark Tibbert

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Guy Mark Tibbert,
I wish I had found Black.Host a long time ago. it's so good that as well as hosting the main project with them, I am now thinking of taking an additional "play around" server with them for some of the...Daha Fazla other minor websites and projects - and migrating away from our old host altogether. Something I did not anticipate doing.

We had an issue with some *Third Party* code and I was truly stunned that they (Thomas Nuchatel) actually debugged the code for me and brought the site back online when I was struggling to make it work properly.

Really did not expect that level of support at all, especially as our server is fairly modest at the moment. Excellent performance but one of the more inexpensive options.

If you want very fast hosting with a brilliant "Can Do" attitude, I strongly suggest you check these folks out. The hardware works very well - but it is the aftersales that has won me over as a loyal customer for the long term.

It's good to find a company you actually feel you can depend on if you need it - and if your business REVOLVES around reliable hosting - these are the ones.
Daha Az


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BlackHOST Fiyatlar, Paketler ve Özellikler - 2022

Paylaşımlı Hosting Paketleri

Paket Adı Web Alanı Bant Genişliği Panel Site Sayısı Fiyat Puan
SneakPeak 10 GB Sınırsız cPanel 1 40 TL 2.0 Detaylar
StartUP 20 GB Sınırsız cPanel 3 60 TL 7.2 Detaylar
GrowBIG 30 GB Sınırsız cPanel Sınırsız 90 TL 9.1 Detaylar
GoGeek 50 GB Sınırsız cPanel Sınırsız 130 TL 9.1 Detaylar

VPS Hosting Paketleri

Paket Adı Web Alanı CPU RAM İS Fiyat Puan
UNM Core 20 GB 1 x 2.90GHz 2 GB 220 TL 9.1 Detaylar
UNM 2 vCores 40 GB 2 x 2.90GHz 4 GB 310 TL 10 Detaylar
UNM 3 vCores 60 GB 3 x 2.90GHz 6 GB 400 TL 9.1 Detaylar
UNM 4 vCores 80 GB 4 x 2.90GHz 8 GB 490 TL 9.1 Detaylar
MINI VPS 10 GB 1 x 2.90GHz 512 MB 60 TL 9.1 Detaylar
HOBBY VPS 10 GB 1 x 2.90GHz 1 GB 90 TL 9.1 Detaylar
VENTURE VPS 15 GB 1 x 2.90GHz 1 GB 130 TL 9.1 Detaylar
FANCY VPS 20 GB 1 x 2.90GHz 1 GB 170 TL 9.1 Detaylar

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  • 2
    Para İade 45 Gün
    Ücretsiz alan
    Starting Price
    60 TL / mo
    12 Hosting Paketleri
    24/7 Award-Winning Support
    Worry-Free - 45 Days Money Back
    Simple Website Builder With Drag And Drop, Responsive Design, And Over 350 Templates
    Siteyi Ziyaret Edin
  • 2
    Para İade Herhangi Bir Zaman
    Ücretsiz alan
    Starting Price
    0 TL / mo
    33 Hosting Paketleri
    3 Data Centers
    Enterprise-Level Solutions with Personal-Level Support
    Fully-Redundant Servers with 2N Redundancy Standards and T1 Carriers
    Award-Winning Web Hosting services suitable for Personal and Business use
    Siteyi Ziyaret Edin
  • 3
    Para İade 45 Gün
    Uzman Değerlendirmesi
    Starting Price
    40 TL / mo
    21 Hosting Paketleri
    Over 1,000 Unique Top-Level Domains With Free Whois Protection Included
    Email and DNS-Editor Included With Each Domain
    Friendly, Helpful Support Staff Available To Help You Via Phone Or Email
    Siteyi Ziyaret Edin

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