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InfinityFree 5 GB Sınırsız cPanel Sınırsız 0 TL 2.3 Detaylar
Super Premium Sınırsız 256 GB cPanel 20 0 TL 2.6 Detaylar
Ultimate Premium Sınırsız Sınırsız cPanel Sınırsız 0 TL 2.6 Detaylar


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Anonymous HQ
Anonymous HQ Amerika Birleşik Devletleri bölgesinden,

pathetic & repugnant

they claim to offer php and mySQL hosting for free until you sign up and find out that the database hosting free has ridiculous limits on it...

even the paid svces, the limits are sad and silly...

python scripts = not all...Daha Fazlaowed
medis server sites = not allowed
only the sites that they tell you that you can build & their support team??

they speak to their clients like they believe that they're better than who they serve.

infinity free is nothing short of a pathetic joke & you should steer away from these internet trolls for your own good

or you can learn the hard way. choose wisely or don't..
Daha Az
Ian Rochat
Ian Rochat Amerika Birleşik Devletleri bölgesinden,

A review of the "expert" review

The reviewer likes to use exaggerated statements and it CLEARLY not an expert by saying something as stupid as (and this is a direct quote from the review): "a basic SSL certificate without encryption". There is no such thing. S...Daha FazlaSL is never not encrypted, encryption is what it is. Now maybe he meant it's a self-generated SSL certificate that is not through a certificate authority, while that is not ideal it is still encrypted, even a someone that is barely tech-saavy may know that fact. So to claim to be an expert and stating that is alarming.

The whole review is suspect, I would not take this site's rating to be meaningful what-so-ever.

Daha Az
Thorsten Esser
Thorsten Esser Almanya bölgesinden,

Kostenlos sehr eingeschränkt

War auf der Suche nach einem Webspace, welcher php scripts ausführen kann.
Leider wird mein php script durch die "browser only access security" komplett blockiert.
Demnach ist der Anbieter absolut unbrauchbar für mich.
Das Inte...Daha Fazlarface ist viel zu umständlich mit Control panel und Client area spariert.
Der Online Editor geht ca 30% der zeit. Und FTP hängt sich bei kleinen Dateien bereits auf.
Daha Az
Serg K
Serg K Arnavutluk bölgesinden,

Terrible, a lot of bugs, they tried to squeeze money from me all the time

InfinityFree will ban you for nonsensical reasons.They will try everything to squeeze money from you
InfinityFree/ifastnet hosting banned me not once for idiotic reasons. That's how they want to get money from you.
InfinityFree ...Daha Fazlais spaming you to move you into useless paid subscription.
You may think that it is indeed infinity free service for you. You are terribly wrong. In 2 years I got suspension twice, and 2 times service was temporarily blocked for high usage though usage did not exceed their stated limits.
First suspension was about adult website in html code. They answered there may be that but only on paid subscription plan.
Second suspesion was because they didn't like the title of my file. So there is a team that monitors what is inside your files, names of your files. It is unacceptable breach of your privacy. And they waste human resources for that kind of rubbish.
InfinityFree service is very bad. It is free if you manage to decline numerous(enormous amount!) offers to switch to paid subscription. But though I use it only from time to time I got plenty cases when my file was not accessible. Sometime for hours!
Uptime is horrible. That infinitely bad service made me spent some minutes to make my terrible experience public.
I hope other users read it and avoid that infinitely bad nonsense. There are an alternatives. Always.
They use URLs app.infinityfree.net and cpanel.epizy.com . That rubbish makes you create 2 accounts in different services to start having your file hosted.
And I couldn't download my whole project in .zip though they have such option in menu. I managed only to download every single file one by one.
And that rubbish has unconvinient interface. Think twice before starting using it. And of course that kind of usability, such a bad service does not deserve even a penny paid for it.
Daha Az
Kim puter
Kim puter Hollanda bölgesinden,

AVOID at all cost

As you can see from other reviews, website suspension out of nowhere has still not been solved.
It's been overly clear now, that their so-called abuse filter is absolutely NOT working. After years of complaints, they still can't ...Daha Fazlafigure out the problem (because many use only a few simple files they're sure are NOT abusive or copyrighted).
When you recommend your site to your customer or friends, they WILL get annoyed after your site has been offline for the umpteenth time. Your reputation has been damaged beyond repair, with no fault on your side at all.
They're either utterly incompetent to write a proper abuse filter after all these years, or they're doing it on purpose to get you upgraded to the paid Premium account. Both of which are evenly bad.
Daha Az

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