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Fiyatlandırma Aralığı

Paylaşımlı Barındırma 12,67 TL - 845,00 TL
Bulut Barındırma 49,00 TL - 849,00 TL


100% Çalışma zamanı

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Gary Driskill

Sabitlenmiş Değerlendirme

Gary Driskill,
I use Nexcess for my Clients' managed Wordpress Hossting. Their platform and features are top notch and their support is excellent. There people are always friendly and knowledgeable.


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Kaan C.
Kaan C. Türkiye bölgesinden,

Stay Away

We wanted to host a blog with nexcess but it was a terrible experience. First of all there is no support at all. Even the cheapest hostings gives much better support. They reply tickets in minimum 8-10 hours. If your site is down ...Daha Fazlaand you are waiting for support to reply, good luck to you. Most of the time they dont even read your request fully so it would take several tickets to solve the simplest issue which would take days.

Today I noticed their wordpress installation changed our domain to their local domain itself for no reason. Our domain was redirecting to some very very long subdomain on their site for over a month. All articles and some newly articles are indexed on this ugly domain. Our domain got terrible serch index errors, redirect errors etc. And all ordered ne articles are published on this domain. We noticed that and they didnt even say sorry.

Its a SEO nightmare also page speeds aren’t better than any other cheap hosting company..

Never ever go with them. Their advertising and promissed features etc are fantastic and I thought if the price is that high it would be really good. For 20 years Im hosting many many sites in many many hosts and nexcess is one of the worsts.
Daha Az

Nexcess Fiyatlar, Paketler ve Özellikler - 2022

Paylaşımlı Hosting Paketleri

Paket Adı Web Alanı Bant Genişliği Panel Site Sayısı Fiyat Puan
XS 55 GB 1 TB 10 50,00 TL 5.1 Detaylar
S 75 GB 2 TB 15 75,00 TL 5.0 Detaylar
M 125 GB 3 TB 20 179,00 TL 2.8 Detaylar
L 400 GB 5 TB 30 299,00 TL 5.0 Detaylar
XL 600 GB 8 TB 40 549,00 TL 5.9 Detaylar
XXL 800 GB 10 TB 50 845,00 TL 5.9 Detaylar
WP SPARK 15 GB 2 TB cPanel 1 12,67 TL 4.9 Detaylar
WP MAKER 40 GB 3 TB cPanel 5 52,67 TL 5.9 Detaylar
WP DESIGNER 60 GB 4 TB cPanel 10 72,67 TL 5.9 Detaylar
WP BUILDER 100 GB 5 TB cPanel 25 99,33 TL 7.2 Detaylar
WP PRODUCER 300 GB 5 TB cPanel 50 199,33 TL 5.9 Detaylar
WP EXECUTIVE 500 GB 10 TB cPanel 100 366,00 TL 5.9 Detaylar
WP ENTERPRISE 800 GB 10 TB cPanel 250 667,00 TL 9.6 Detaylar

Bulut Hosting Paketleri

Paket Adı Web Alanı CPU RAM Bant Genişliği Fiyat Puan
X-Small 50 GB - 0 B 1 TB 49,00 TL 5.9 Detaylar
Small 75 GB - 0 B 2 TB 99,00 TL 8.0 Detaylar
Medium 125 GB - 0 B 3 TB 179,00 TL 10 Detaylar
Large 400 GB 20 çekirdek 20 GB 5 TB 299,00 TL 5.9 Detaylar
X-Large 600 GB 26 çekirdek 26 GB 8 TB 549,00 TL 5.9 Detaylar
XX-Large 800 GB 32 çekirdek 32 GB 10 TB 849,00 TL 5.9 Detaylar

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