Email Hosting Price: Comparison of Top 20 Email Hosting Providers

Email hosting is a dedicated service in which a hosting provider sets up a custom email address to allow users to send and receive emails through mail servers. A Mail server is a channel that emails must pass through before it enters your inbox or the receiver. Email hosting is recommended for businesses that want to manage their business communication with a professional business email.

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An email hosting service stores business emails and grants businesses a personalized domain name like person@yourdomainname to match your website address. The price of email hosting depends on the hosting provider, allocated email storage, email aliases, customer support and email account limits. The average email hosting price ranges between $1.99 to $10.99/month.

The price for Email hosting is cheap for those who know the benefits like brand consistency, email management, mailbox security, and integrated tools that come with it. To help you choose a reliable email hosting plan, we compared and ranked the best email hosting services and created an email hosting price table so you can know the cost to rent email servers.

Email Hosting Price Table – Top 20 Email Hosting Providers in 2022

Our RankingHostCheapest Monthly PriceLength of PlanMonthly SavingsPay Monthly PlanMoney Back GuaranteeWebsite
#1A2Hosting$2.99Monthly 72%$10.9930 DaysA2Hosting
#2DreamHost$1.99MonthlyX$1.9997 DaysDreamhost
#3FastComet$2.49MonthlyX$2.4945 DaysFastcomet
#4ScalaHosting$2.95Monthly41%$4.9530 DaysScalahosting
#5Hostinger$2.99MonthlyX$6.9930 DaysHostinger
#6HostPapa$1.00MonthlyX$1.0030 DaysHostpapa
#7KnownHost$3.47MonthlyX$8.9530 DaysKnownhost
#8GreenGeeks$2.95MonthlyX$10.9530 DaysGreengeeks
#9TMDHosting$2.95Monthly40%$4.9560 DaysTMD
#10HEFICED$2.50MonthlyX$2.5014 DaysHeficed
#12SmarterASP$2.95MonthlyX$2.9560 DaysSmarterASP
#13o2switch€5.00MonthlyX€5.0030 Dayso2switch
#15Milesweb$3.00Monthly68%$9.5030 DaysMilesweb
#16Sered€2.95MonthlyX€2.9530 DaysSered
#17Hostwinds$5.24MonthlyX$5.2472 HoursHostwinds
#19Googiehost$2.50MonthlyX$2.5030 DaysGoogiehost
#20Chemicloud$2.98Monthly70%$9.9545 DaysChemicloud
Unique Facts: Most email hosting providers offer professional email solutions compared to free webmail solutions like Gmail. The host can offer a plan to help users manage their email domain, including various features like an email client interface, dedicated IP address and security that comes with mail server implementation.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Email Hosting

Since there is no standard price for email hosting, most hosts customize their mail server plans based on several factors. The factors include the type of email hosting, email account limits, email aliases, and dedicated storage. Understanding these factors will help you make the right choice.

  • Type of Email Hosting

Email hosting solutions can be accessed through three main options: a shared web hosting and email solution, third-party email hosting, and self-hosted email hosting.

1. Shared web hosting and email solution

Most web hosting providers include email hosting as a free offer in their hosting plans. However, the email service comes with limited resources and cannot be used to send/receive bulk emails due to the limits on the web hosting account.

3. Self-hosted mail servers

This email hosting allows users to host their email on a dedicated server. The only drawback to this type of email hosting is that it is expensive, unreliable, and requires technical expertise to manage the complex server.

3. Third-party email hosting 

This is the most preferred email hosting solution due to the scalability and extreme customer support that comes with it. Most web hosting providers also offer separate email hosting plans to help you avoid the huge cost of self-hosting your email server.

Examples of third-party email hosts are Scala hosting, Dreamhost, and others listed in our top 20 email hosting. Each provider manages your domain name and provides additional email authentication security like filtering and rerouting to scan the email for malicious elements.

  • Email account limits

Email account limit is the allocated sending limit imposed by email hosting providers to prevent spamming from users. The limits are usually set daily, however, monthly limits of  between 500 to 1000 per month are also common, as well as unlimited depending on the plan. Take note of the email account limit in your plan to avoid getting your email accounts restricted.

  • Email Domain

An email domain can be seen after the @symbol of an email address such as “”. The username is unique to each brand or person and represents the authenticity of the email source.

For example, if a business email address is, the username is Dimitry, and the email domain is Most hosting providers allocate between 1 to unlimited email domains to their plans.

  • Dedicated Email Storage

Dedicated email storage is the allocated space required to store your email files on a mail server provided by the email hosting provider. Having at least 2GB of email storage space is recommended on your plan. Most hosting providers allocate between 1 GB to 2 TB or unlimited storage space, depending on the plan.

  • Email Aliases

Email alias allows users to create additional email addresses to send/receive emails. They are represented by a nickname or a combination of the user’s name. Organizations mostly use them to assign a specific email address to an employee for email communication between the user and the customers. An example of email aliases is Most email hosting providers allocate 10 to 400 email aliases to their mail server plans.

  • Renewal Prices

Consider the renewal price versus the starting or promo pricing when choosing an email hosting plan. Renewal prices can be higher than initial/promo pricing. Know the actual price you will be paying so you can budget accordingly.


Extra Hosting Costs to Consider

Email hosting needs to be paired with other services for effective communication. When you send an email to a customer, you need to direct them to a specific website address to purchase your services or buy your products. Hence, consider the following extra costs as necessary in your digital marketing journey.

Domain registration

Typically costs $7.99 to $20/year

Domain name registration is the first step before web hosting and email hosting. Your domain name can be used to create a unique email address that will impress your customers and trigger them to respond or make enquiries.

You can purchase your domain name from a domain registrar or get it free from either web hosting or email hosting plans. However, you will need to renew the subscription to own the domain after a year.

Web hosting

Typically costs $1.99 to $200/month

Web hosting encompasses the different hosting plans available to users who want to host their website on the internet. While email hosting can be a free add-on in certain web hosting plans, it doesn’t come with additional features like when you purchase it separately from your web hosting provider.

Be cautious of free offers used as a marketing ploy and evaluate whether it actually satisfies your business needs. While this can be true for established businesses, small businesses can still manage the limited free resources to get started.

Dedicated IP

Typically costs $5.99/month

Email hosting is necessary to connect one person to another, While a dedicated IP address is meant to connect one computer to another.

When an email is sent, the client (for example, Microsoft Outlook and Gmail) looks up the IP address specified by the domain name before sending it via SMTP (send mail transfer protocol). The SMTP is the adopted method for sending and receiving emails through the server before it arrives at the destination. Paying an extra cost to get a dedicated IP will ensure you get a unique IP to improve your email deliverability and sender reputation.

Spam Experts Mail Filtering

Typically costs $2.99/month

Spam Experts scan and eradicate spam and malware from your emails before it gets to your inbox. It filters all incoming emails daily with a malware and spam detection accuracy of up to 99.9%.

Microsoft 365

Typically costs $6 to $22/month

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based office productivity subscription service that includes applications like Word, Excel, Outlook and more. You can set up email hosting with Microsoft 365 by creating an account and confirming your domain name.


Typically costs $14.99 to $34.99/month

SiteLock is a security tool that secures websites from cyberthreat by finding and eliminating threats. You will also get a web application firewall that will block harmful traffic before it gets to your site and a content delivery network to improve your site speed.



The best way to cut costs on email hosting is to find a web host that offers all you need, like domain registration and a web hosting package under one roof. Your business needs email to communicate between your team members and customers effectively. As a business owner, you need to choose a reliable email hosting provider that will guarantee a managed mail server, allowing you to avoid the extra costs of finding the human resources to manage in-house mail servers.

Email hosting is what your business needs to get a professional email address that will promote your site, products and services with every campaign you send. To enjoy optimum performance with email hosting, purchase an email hosting address that matches your domain to create a strong brand connection.


What is the difference between a mail server and a web server?

A mail server is responsible for managing the email sent from the user to the receiver, while a web server is used to host one or more websites.

What are the 3 common Email protocols?

The 3 common email protocols are (SMTP), Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, (POP) Post Office Protocol, and (IMAP) Internet Message Access Protocol. They are used in delivering email over the internet.

Why Should I Pay for Email hosting?

Email hosting comes with having your professional domain name, giving your business power and flexibility that is not available with free email services like Google and Yahoo.